You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown 

Marcie, Featured Dancer

dir. Whitney Aronson. Photo by Liza Margulies


Featured Soloist, Ensemble

dir. Kristi Schulz. Photo by Jim Frohna.

Avenue Q

Bad Idea Bear, Ensemble

dir. Whitney Aronson. Photo by Liza Margulies.

Transparent Season 2, Ep 9. 

Vocals, Ukulele

dir. Joey Soloway

THE ROYAL WE by Julia Cowitt

dir. Margot Bordelon

The Royal We follows five college students as they make their way through a crisis at 3am. On the eve of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, Tara just wants to enjoy the ceremony in peace. But chaos ensues when it is revealed that there is an active shooter in their college’s library. 

(begins at 34:45)